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Vision, Mission, & Guiding Principles


That Wake Forest faculty’s teaching is enriched by the research on learning, and is informed by best practices in course design, assessment of learning and inclusion.

Mission Statement

The Teaching and Learning Center is a resource center for all Wake Forest University faculty and all graduate and postdoc instructors, throughout all phases of their careers. The TLC offers funding, workshops, individual and departmental consultations, learning communities and retreats to bring together faculty to share research-based expertise, explore innovations and discuss the challenges of learning-centered teaching both in and across the disciplines.

Guiding Principles

  • Participation is voluntary
  • All records of use are confidential
  • All practices follow the ethical guidelines established by the Professional and Organization Development Network

Goals and Objectives

Supporting Faculty, Supporting the Institution and Promoting Organizational Change

Faculty support across the university, across disciplines

In order to promote significant learning and effective teaching at Wake Forest University, the TLC will provide:

  • Funding to attend teaching conferences
  • Workshops to provide faculty with the tools for effective teaching
  • Workshops to build community (within WFU and regionally) and share practice
  • Individual consultations for faculty:
  • Targeted support for TAs, Postdocs

Institutional Support

To provide support for institutional efforts related to teaching:

  • Assessment:
  • Evaluation of Teaching:
  • Online Courses
  • Support for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Support for International Affairs efforts
  • Work with IS to create pedagogical foundations and programs for innovation in teaching through technology
  • Positioning of Wake Forest TLC regionally and nationally

Organizational Change

To promote the visibility and valuing of teaching:

  • Changes to Digital Measures
  • Creation of a University Teaching webpage
  • End of semester letters to faculty cc’d to department heads on attendance of TLC opportunities
  • Bringing Wake Forest’s students into the conversation about teaching and learning
  • Reception to honor teaching award winners across campus
  • TLC Course Design Awards