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Awards and Funding

TLC Awards and Funding Opportunities

The TLC offers various forms of funding for Teaching and Learning Initiatives across campus. Click on any of the following links to learn more about each

  • Innovative Teaching Award: recognizes the effort put forth by faculty who have redesigned their courses or introduced new courses with innovative, research-based approaches to the practice of teaching, using new methods and/or technologies, with an intentional emphasis on how these innovations improved or facilitated student learning (applications accepted late Fall-early-Spring).
  • Summer Course (Re)Design Award: (formerly known as STEP Track 2): joint funding provided by the TLC and Office of the Provost designed to assist assist faculty wishing to develop new courses (or redesign already existing courses), that pursue creative approaches (with and without technology) to teaching and learning at Wake Forest (applications accepted late Fall-early-Spring).
  • Faculty Learning Community Technology & Multimedia: We often hear of faculty who are interested in integrating new technology or developing novel multimedia instruction designed to support student learning. However, many of these same faculty find themselves lacking the dedicated space, equipment, or resources to help them do so. To that end, we invite you to join a cohort of six faculty colleagues in developing your own novel integration of technology or multimedia into one of your courses. Participants will meet at scheduled times throughout the semester to accomplish this work in collaboration with their peers. (applications accepted early-Spring).
  • Departmental Teaching Initiative Fund: financial support of up to $1,500 per academic year to support efforts around teaching initiative and exploration (applications accepted on a rolling basis throughout the academic year).
  • Faculty Teaching Development Fund: financial support of up to $1,500 per academic year to assist faculty in enhancing their teaching skills or in developing innovative teaching projects (applications accepted on a rolling basis throughout the academic year).
  • Faculty Liaisons: stipend of $1,000 per academic year for faculty who develop, implement, and promote at least one programmatic effort targeted to their Division each semester. One liaison for each Division of the College will be selected annually (applications accepted late-Spring).

Office of the Dean of the College

View funding opportunities listed on the website of the Dean of the College.