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Departmental Teaching Initiative Fund

The Departmental Teaching Initiative Fund offers financial support of up to $1,500 per academic year to support efforts around teaching initiative and exploration. The Fund may be used for departmental teaching development activities such as buying books for faculty discussions, bringing in a speaker, and buying lunches for meetings of the faculty involved. Please note that the Fund is not intended for stipends for participating faculty or for other individuals who provide support services for the project.

Requests should delineate how the project will enhance teaching and learning, and have a clearly laid-out budget. The Fund will not be awarded if the proposal focuses primarily on the research, writing, and artistic activities of faculty members, nor can it be used for student labor.

Requests may be submitted for the current academic year by: 1) a faculty organizer with the department chair’s written approval, or 2) by the department chair, through email to Kristi Verbeke at Departments are limited to one grant per academic year. All reimbursement requests must be submitted before June 1 of the current fiscal year, due to fiscal year deadlines. Questions or issues with respect to reimbursement should be directed to Deborah Snyder at or 336.758.4587.

Proposal Format: (can send in body of email or as attachment)

  1. Name of departmental initiative leader
    Professional Title
    Department or School
  2. Description of activity (book discussion, conference, working group, training session, etc.) or materials in need of funding
  3. Goals of activity and expected outcomes
  4. Names and expected number of faculty participants
  5. Proposed Itemized Budget: Please note that once funds are approved and allocated to budget items, funds may not be redirected towards other expenses retroactively.


Receipts for award reimbursement requests should be attached to an appropriately completed and signed Expenditure Voucher, Travel and Expenditure Voucher, or a monthly Works report if expenditures are charged to a University credit card. Please bring or mail all reimbursement requests to the Teaching and Learning Collaborative, Reynolda Hall 307.

Receipts and reports should be submitted within 30 days of return from travel, or 60 days from incurring expense, per University mandate, and received by the TLC no later than June 1 for approval by the TLC Director (receipts and reports, including Works credit card reports, cannot be processed by the WFU Financial and Accounting Office without TLC review and approval).