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TA and PostDoc Series: Lunch, and Article Discussion: Applying the PORTAAL Tool to Our Own Teaching

During this session, we’ll discuss the PORTAAL observation tool and how we can apply its framework to make our own classes more active. Note: please read and be prepared to discuss Eddy, Converse & Wenderoth (2015).

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TA and PostDoc Series: Writing Effective Learning Objectives

Let’s talk about how focusing on student learning can save you time both in and out of the classroom. Clearly articulating what you want students to learn in your courses helps you target your efforts and design learning experiences to ensure students are meeting those expectations.



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TA and PostDoc Series: Writing a Teaching Philosophy

During this session, we’ll examine and evaluate sample philosophies. We will also discuss format and style expectations and you will begin articulating your ideas and values around teaching. This will assist you in crafting a teaching philosophy that effectively communicates who you are as a teacher.

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TA and PostDoc Series: Lunch, and Teaching Philosophy Review

Let’s refine our teaching philosophies through the use of peer feedback. You will also have the added benefit of viewing a variety of different types of philosophies through this process. Bring two copies of your completed teaching philosophy and a keen eye!

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TA and PostDoc Series: Interactive Lecturer

How can you engage students during your lecture? Find out how to use discussion, humor and organizational strategies to deliver a dynamic lecture.

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TA and PostDoc Series: Motivating Students to Prepare for and Participate in Class

In this workshop, we’ll discuss principles of motivation and how we can encourage students to better prepare for and participate in class.

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