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Cheating Lessons: Cultivating Environments that Encourage Academic Integrity

This workshop will draw from our Spring book discussions on Cheating Lessons, by James Lang. Nearly three-quarters of college students cheat during their undergraduate careers. Lang’s provocative new research indicates that students often cheat because their learning environments give them ample incentives to try—and that strategies which make cheating less worthwhile also improve student learning. Let’s talk about how we can create more effective learning environments that foster intrinsic motivation, promote mastery, and instill the sense of self-efficacy that our students need for deep learning.

Our Fall learner-centered teaching series was so well-received that we’re extending the theme into Spring with more applied, practical ideas for implementing learner-centered practices in your courses.


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TA and PostDoc Series: Writing a Teaching Philosophy 2

During this second session, we’ll refine our teaching philosophies through the use of peer feedback from other attendees. You’ll also have the added benefit of viewing a variety of different types of philosophies through this process. Bring your completed teaching philosophy and a keen eye!



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