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TLC Workshop: It's About the Learning, Not the Grade!

How can we help students shift their focus from grades to learning? Using what we know about student motivation and metacognition, we will examine several strategies that can move students to engage more meaningfully with assignments, projects, papers, and exams.Learn More »

Panel: Engaging with Active Learning Classrooms: How My Teaching Has Changed

Whiteboards, colorful chairs and desks, wireless technology, movable everything--some of Wake Forest's newly renovated classrooms look more like office space at Google than they do traditional classrooms. How have such new spaces changed and challenged our teaching? How have they engaged students and fostered collaborative, active learning? Attend this informal panel to hear professors across the College offer their experiences teaching in newly renovated spaces on campus and what we may transfer as new pedagogical practices into any classroom.

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TA and PostDoc Series: Writing a Teaching Philosophy 2

During this second session, we’ll refine our teaching philosophies through the use of peer feedback from other attendees. You’ll also have the added benefit of viewing a variety of different types of philosophies through this process. Bring your completed teaching philosophy and a keen eye!


The Teaching and Learning Center's New Instructor Workshops are specifically designed to target the needs of post docs and teaching assistants on both the Reynolda and Bowman Gray Campuses.

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Engaging Students with Lightboard Videos

If you're interested in creating instructional videos which involve writing, Lightboard may be a great solution. The Lightboard is a glass surface that lets you create videos of yourself writing or projecting graphics while facing your audience (click here for an example).This low tech, easy- to- use tool is ideal for faculty who wish to record videos for homework help repositories, flipped classroom lessons, or online courses.


During this workshop, we will discuss how to plan effective online videos, actively engage students when video content is assigned, and model Lightboard presentation techniques on a small 3’X5’ demonstration board. Todd McFall, Assistant Teaching Professor, Economics, will also share his tips and highlights from student video production experiences.


Because we don't have a lot of time together in the studio, we have prepared a few activities to be completed prior to our workshop. By getting this introductory information out of the way before our meeting, we will have more time for active, hands-on practice. Please go here to access the activities and instructions.


This workshop is restricted to Reynolda Campus faculty, and to 10 participants.

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TA and PostDoc Series: Free (and Easy!) Technology Tools to Enhance Your Classes

Join us for a sampling of online tools designed to help you better engage students. We’ll explore options such as concept mapping, games and quizzing, animation and comic strips, and tools that allow you (or students) to synthesize content. Bring your laptops and a creative mind!


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TA and PostDoc Series: Finishing with a Flourish: The Last Day of Class

End the semester with energy using any or all of the six last-day-of-class activities that will be discussed during this workshop. Using the last day of class intentionally to 'wrap up' the semester provides students with an opportunity to reflect on the significance and scope of their learning in the course, and offers faculty the opportunity to finish with a flourish.



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