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New Faculty - Teaching Resources

Recommended Teaching Portfolio Contents

This resource, created by the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at Iowa State University discusses recommended teaching portfolio contents. They present a list of elements that might be included or summarized in your teaching portfolio. Explore Recommended Teaching Portfolio…

Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, Iowa State University

Academic Job Search – Teaching Portfolio

This resource, created by the University of California Berkeley Career Center, discusses the use of a teaching portfolio in the academic job search. Topics covered include: An overview of portfolios Writing the statement of teaching philosophy Listing your courses and…

Career Center, University of California Berkeley

Teaching Portfolio

This teaching guide, put together by the Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University will help you assemble your own teaching portfolio. It covers: What Is a Teaching Portfolio? Why Assemble a Teaching Portfolio? General Guidelines Components of a Teaching Portfolio…

Center for Teaching, Vanderbilt University

Syllabus Design

This resource contains materials from a workshop on Syllabus Design offered by USC’s Center for Excellence in Teaching. The event description is as follows: A well-designed syllabus featuring strong and achievable learning objectives is the key to a successful course….

Center for Excellence in Teaching, University of Southern California

Advice for New Faculty: Revisiting Boice (2000)

In this blog posting on her blog, The Mindful Ph.D., Nancy Chick, from Vanderbilt University, reflects on Robert Boice’s book, Advice for New Faculty Members: Nihil Nimus (2000). She found this book to be helpful in navigating her role as a new…

Write the Syllabus

This comprehensive article from The Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence and Educational Innovation at Carnegie Mellon University is broken into four sections (each containing many links to other references): What’s in a syllabus? When should you write your syllabus? General…

Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation, Carnegie Mellon

Creating a Learning-Centered Syllabus

This article from Brigham Young University’s Center for Teaching and Learning focuses on the creation of a learning-centered syllabus, one that “focuses on the needs of the students and their learning process, including specific information that facilitates their academic success“….

Center for Teaching & Learning, Brigham Young University

Syllabus Design Tutorial

This self-paced tutorial from the University of Minnesota’s, Center for Teaching and Learning, covers the basics of syllabus design. It is divided into nine sections, which can be viewed in any order preferred. View Syllabus Design Tutorial

Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Minnesota

Creating Your Syllabus

This article from the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at the University of Michigan walks through the basics of creating an effective syllabus. It discusses setting goals for learning and ideas for what types of information to include….

Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, University of Michigan

Course Design Self-Paced Tutorial

This tutorial was created by On the Cutting Edge, an NAGT Professional Development Program for Geoscience Faculty (though it can certainly be adopted for any discipline). The tutorial is broken into three parts: 1. Setting goals 2. Designing the course…

Course Planning

The following article on course planning is from the Center For Instructional Technology at Duke University. This resource gives a brief overview of a 4-step design process. Course Planning

Planning a Course

General information on how to plan a new course from The Teaching Center at Washington University in St. Louis. This article covers topics such as defining course goals, determining course content, selecting teaching methods/tools, selecting assessment methods. It also covers…