Working with International, Multilingual Readers and Writers

Presentation for the TLC by Zak Lancaster, Department of English, Friday, January 9, 2015

WFU students undertake a significant amount of reading and writing in their courses across departments and disciplines, and these academic literacy tasks are especially challenging for our international students who are writing in English as an additional language. In this workshop, participants discussed ways to support the language needs of our international, multilingual students. Drawing on the research literature in applied linguistics and second language writing, the workshop addressed the range and type of linguistic challenges our students may be facing; whether and how to deal with grammatical errors in student writing; how to differentiate between true “errors” and other types of language infelicities (as well as types of errors); how to factor in language-level concerns when assessing writing; how to offer formative and summative feedback; and how to assist students to improve their academic reading and make connections between reading and writing.

Download the handouts for this session here: Working with International, Multilingual Readers and Writers

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