Cooperative Learning Resources (collected by Dr. Richard Felder)

This page links to a collection of resources curated by Dr. Richard Felder on cooperative learning. Dr. Richard M. Felder is the Hoechst Celanese Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University. He is coauthor of Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes, an introductory chemical engineering text now in its third edition. He has contributed over 200 publications to the fields of science and engineering education and chemical process engineering, and writes “Random Thoughts,” a column on educational methods and issues for the quarterly journal Chemical Engineering Education.

This page includes links to topics such as:

  • Cooperative learning (overview and definition)
  • Accounting for Individual Effort in Cooperative Learning Teams
  • Dynamics of Peer Education in Cooperative Learning Workgroups
  • Turning Student Groups into Effective Teams
  • We Never Said It Would Be Easy

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