Cooperative Learning Institute

The Cooperative Learning Institute is an innovative nonprofit Institute established in 1987 to advance the understanding and practice of cooperation and constructive conflict resolution. You can find general information on cooperative learning, theory and research on cooperative learning, and the practice and implementation of cooperative learning.

This Institute has two missions.

  1. The first is to advance the theory and research on social interdependence (i.e., cooperative, competitive, individualistic efforts) and constructive conflict among individuals, groups, organizations, communities, cultures, and countries.
  2. The second is to educate individuals in the nature of cooperation and constructive conflict resolution through the use of cooperative learning (formal cooperative learning, informal cooperative learning, and cooperative base groups),cooperative schools (cooperative teaching teams, school-based decision-making, cooperative faculty meeting), constructive controversy (academic controversy to increase quality of learning and decision controversy to increase quality of decision making), and peacemaking (problem-solving negotiations, peer mediation, violence prevention).

The website contains a variety of resources on cooperative learning and the Institute is directed by Johnson and Johnson, who also wrote Active Learning: Cooperation in the College Classroom.

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