Speed Up with Specifications Grading

View the presentation and resources from the TLC Workshop, “Speed Up with Specifications Grading,” September 30, 2015. Presented by Dr. T.H.M. Gellar-Goad, Department of Classical Languages.

Learn about a new method of assessment published in Linda Nilson’s recent book, Specifications Grading. All assignments are evaluated on a high-standards pass/fail basis, and students’ final course grade is determined by the number of assignments or units successfully completed. This system fosters student motivation, maintains high standards while reducing instructor workload, and puts the emphasis on achievement and constructive feedback rather than on numbers or letters. Prof. Gellar-Goad presented the basics of the system, some tips for making good assignment checklists, and the advantages and disadvantages of working with specs grading.

View Speed Up with Specifications Grading

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