An Easier Way of Teaching Writing (and Literature!) in the Foreign Languages

View the presentation and resources from the TLC Workshop, “An Easier Way of Teaching Writing (and Literature!) in the Foreign Languages,” February 24, 2016. Presented by Dr. Tina Boyer and Dr. Alyssa Howards, Department of German and Russian.

This workshop is based on the recent “genre-based” turn that has been taking place in foreign language pedagogy. In a nutshell, genre-based teaching challenges the traditional “first grammar, then literature” split that occurs in most foreign language curricula, and offers instead to see grammar as a basis for creating meaning rather than a series of skills to conquer. On a practical level, this integrative approach to grammar and content results in new ways of teaching reading, scaffolded writing assignments, and, ultimately, a higher level (both conceptually and grammatically) of student writing. Come join us for an hands-on opportunity to rethink your writing assignments and leave with a new way to structure student reading and writing tasks.

View the presentation for this workshop

View the handouts with sample assignments from this workshop

Flagging Disciplines Reclaim Their Relevance (article from CHE, 2/10/16, cited in the workshop)

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