TLC Workshop: New Spaces, New Opportunities

View the presentation and resources from the TLC Workshop, “New Spaces, New Opportunities,” March 23, 2016. Presented in the newly redesigned classroom, Tribble C3, by Laura Giovanelli, English and Dr. Dana Gierdowski, English (North Carolina State University).

Whiteboards on wheels, movable desks and chairs, and shiny new LCD monitors–classroom renovations at Wake Forest look nice, but what can they mean for our teaching and our students’ learning? In this hands on, participatory workshop (come prepared to move, think, and learn from each other!), we’ll explore why teaching and learning space matters in every discipline and how these new classrooms can revive, revise, and renew our teaching and our students’ experiences for a more active course. We’ll even touch on what we can take from these rooms and the current research on classroom design when teaching in more challenging spaces. If you’re teaching in one of these renovated rooms, we especially want to hear from you, so please join us!

View a video of the workshop presentation (46.07)

View the exercise used during the workshop

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