Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty learning communities bring together small groups of faculty (usually 8-12) who are interested in exploring a particular teaching and learning issue in more depth for some extended period of time (e.g., a full semester or an academic year). Our learning community participants report great satisfaction and support from participating in the group and many go on to present significant enhancements to their courses based on their learning community experience as TLC workshops.

Current Faculty Learning Communities


Language Programs: Evaluation and Reflection

The Teaching and Learning Collaborative invites six language faculty members to participate in the 2018-2019 Faculty Learning Community Language Programs: Evaluation and Reflection. In this year-long learning community, faculty will evaluate and reflect on their language programs and curricula. Evaluation and assessment are not necessarily the last step in teaching practice, rather, we take ongoing program evaluation as a tool to inform curriculum development and teaching. In the fall we will discuss readings on current practices in language program evaluation. In the spring term, participants will develop a specific evaluation plan for their own language program/curriculum and pilot evaluative tools. We would also like this community to engage language faculty around the campus in further teaching and research collaboration.

New Faculty Learning Community

Every fall semester the TLC invites new faculty members (within your first two years at Wake Forest) to join together to talk about teaching, sharing classroom successes, problems, strategies and ideas. We read How Learning Works (Ambrose et al, 2010) to ground our discussions in the research on learning.

ePortfolio Community of Interest

Faculty or staff with in interest in the use of ePortfolios for support of teaching, learning, assessment, or self development and representation are encouraged to join our new ePortfolio Community of Interest. The group will begin by asking those currently using ePortfolios to share what they are doing and the outcomes they are observing. Members will define the path of the Community of Interest from there. For more information, visit the ePortfolio Community of Interest Charter.

The first meeting will be schedule in consultation with those who have indicated interest.

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Data Analysis in R: Research & Learning

The scope and scale of the data to which we have access for the purposes of research and teaching has increased significantly in recent years. However, many of us lack the time, support, or tools to successfully employ this new data in our professional endeavors. To that end, we invite you to join a cohort of faculty colleagues in developing your own data informed pilot study using the programming language and environment R. This learning community will have two tracks: Digital Humanities Research and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Previous Faculty Learning Communities

  • New Faculty Learning Community (annually, Fall semester)
  • Contemplative Pedagogy (2013-2017)
  • Technology and Multimedia (Spring 2017)
  • Blended Learning (Fall 2015)
  • Course [Re]Design (Spring 2015)
  • Study Abroad (Spring 2014)
  • Study Abroad (Fall 2013)
  • ePorfolio (Fall 2012)